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A VSAT is a small-sized telecommunications earth station that transmits and receives via satellite. The terminal size is 1.2 to 2.4 meter in diameter.

Broadband Satellite Services

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

A VSAT is a small-sized telecommunications earth station that transmits and receives via satellite. The terminal size is 1.2 to 2.4 meter in diameter.
VSATs are becoming increasingly popular, because they are a single, flexible communications platform that can be installed quickly and cost effectively to provide telecoms solutions for consumers, governments and corporations.

They have been in use for more than 10 years and, with more than 500,000 systems operating in more than 120 countries, VSATs are a mature and proven technology.

VSAT networks may transmit and receive voice, data, fax, or video conferencing.
VSAT represents a cost-effective solution for those who want an independent communications network to connect sites, especially sites where any other connectivity options are not possible or realistic to implement.


A VSAT has certain clear advantages over terrestrial networks and other wireless communications media.


Satellite services are usually activated much more quickly than terrestrial networks. Since meters or kilometers of cable need not be installed. An antenna, modem and satellite circuit can be installed and made operational in just a few weeks rather than the months installation of cable may take. It is easily implemented due to the wireless nature of connectivity. And as a network grows, additional capacity can be obtained in just as short a time.


Satellite networks offer much higher reliability than terrestrial networks. Network performance is enhanced with satellite by linking directly to an Internet backbone, bypassing congested terrestrial lines, exchanges and numerous interconnections. This reduces the potential points of failure.


VSAT networks are highly scalable, i.e. it provides the ability to scale according to the customer's requirements with low incremental cost. This is especially important as businesses grow over time.

A VSAT network can support thousands of VSAT remotes. Hence, a customer may start with Data services (internet browsing & e-mail) and then adding more bandwidth can be done over time by a simple reconfiguration at the Network Operating Center. In addition customers are able to add voice capabilities or video applications when the need arises.


VSAT networks offer value-added satellite-based services capable of supporting the Internet, data, LAN, voice/fax communications, and can provide powerful, dependable, private and public network communications solutions.

VSATs are used for a wide variety of telecommunications applications, including corporate networks, Internet service provision, rural telecoms, distance learning, telemedicine, cybercafes, banking, oil and gas exploration, manufacturing, government agencies and departments and much more.


Relocating and adding network sites is much simpler and cheaper with a satellite network than with most terrestrial technologies.


The broadcast nature of satellites allows for the simultaneous delivery of information to wide geographic areas without regard to terrestrial infrastructure or geographic barriers. Charges for terrestrial services are nearly always distance-dependent, while VSAT connections cost the same whether sites are one or 1000 Km apart. VSATs are capable of sending and receiving all sorts of video, data and audio content at the same high speed regardless of their distance from terrestrial switching offices and infrastructure. Telephony and broadband infrastructure require heavy infrastructure and are particularly expensive to deploy and maintain especially to remote and unserviced locations. And with most VSAT services the cost-per-connection comes down considerably when a customer adds users. Technology is also changing rapidly to make satellite access to the Internet more affordable.



SCPC is the best solution for real-time data satellite communication. SCPC offers terminals for every single location a capacity between 8 Kbps and 8x2Mbps and unlike other systems it also supports asymmetric work.
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