Anasayfa Hakkimizda Hizmetler Cozumler Destek
Hakkimizda Hizmetler SkyNET
Trio Telekom was founded to provide all kinds of satellite services in the domestic and international markets and is licenced by the Turkish Telecommunications. Trio provides all services according to this license.
"FR in the Sky" is a service that works with a working with a MF-TDMA modulation on a Frame Relay base. All terminals which are setup on the system are linked to the center or directly to each other.
SkyNET™ is modular, scalable, high-performance satellite internet service. Due to its ability to support each terminal with up to 2 Mbit/s bursts in the return link, it is ideally suited for business applications with a high demand for information exchange of any kind. SkyNET™ platform allows Service Providers to serve the growing IP business applications markets.
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