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Trio Satellite Solution

Trio Telekom is a leading firm of communication consultancy providing all kinds of satellite services both in Turkey and overseas. Trio Telekom, established in 2003, has a reputation of imaginative use of specialist knowledge for providing innovative and efficient communication solutions with the 2nd type TR license issued by the Turkish Telecommunications Authority.

Trio Telekom provides seamless communication opportunities even in isolated regions without terrestrial infrastructure or at sea. Our solutions help connecting regional centers and headquarters over Satellite in a simple and flexible way by providing various kinds of IP applications such as telephone, fax, video conference and other multimedia services. With its wide range of experience, stored knowledge and technology, Trio Telekom successfully meets all clients’ expectations and requirements.

By using all possible trade satellites around the world, Trio Telekom produces various alternatives to the ease and the cost of the solution covering whole Europe, Middle Asia and Middle East. Our core values are straight dealing, reliability, legal and ethic work, quality and teamwork. We focus on strong, long-term relationships with our clients, as we consider the client relationships the most important contributor to our success. Growth is an imperative and our clients’ needs drive our business, so we grow in pace with their growth.. We aim to satisfy our clients with continuously increased service quality and competitiveness. We aim to be the best among the Turkish satellite communication companies with our accumulated knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Information Technologies develop quickly nowadays and Trio Telekom succeeds in keeping step with this highly demanding process and is well aware of the clients' needs.

Thanks to our fast response mechanism, Trio Telekom unlike other competitors perform its investments to international communication solutions, therefore, has proved being a leading service provider in the area.

Due to the major investments into the development of the digital communication systems, Turkey is becoming the epicentre of the communication web of Middle East and Middle Asia.. Trio Telekom Communication Services is preparing to introduce the operation of the HUB which will have a substantial effect to increase the quality of the services to corporations and individual internet users.

Trio Telekom has an active infrastructure in Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Tajikistan and Iran, and the number of service points is increasing day by day.


Working in the telecommunications field Trio Telekom is planning to create important co operations in order to provide value added services. Trio Telekom brings attention to the fact that satellite communication systems increase the life quality and provides better effectiveness by lower price.

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